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Phenol red-free culture media

At Revival Clinic, we often receive a common question from our clients:

 "Why isn't our stem cell solution pink or red in color?"

The answer lies in a deliberate choice we make in our stem cell culture process:

we do not use phenol red.

 But what exactly is phenol red, and why do we consider it less than ideal for cultivating high-quality stem cells?

Let's delve into this intriguing aspect of stem cell culture.

The Absence of Red: A Deliberate Choice Firstly, let's address the absence of red or pink coloration in our stem cell solutions. This absence is a result of our commitment to using phenol red-free culture media.

Phenol red is a pH indicator dye commonly used in cell culture media to monitor pH levels. It changes color based on the acidity or alkalinity of the surrounding environment, typically transitioning from red (acidic) to pink (neutral) to yellow (alkaline) as the pH level shifts.

The Downside of Phenol Red: While phenol red serves its purpose as a pH indicator, it comes with certain downsides that have led us to opt for phenol red-free alternatives:

  1. Interference with Assays: Phenol red's color change can interfere with various cell-based assays, making it challenging to obtain accurate and reliable results. This interference can affect the interpretation of experimental data and compromise the quality of research.

  2. Potential Toxicity: Some studies suggest that phenol red may have cytotoxic effects on cells over prolonged exposure. While these effects may vary depending on cell types and concentrations used, avoiding potential risks is essential in stem cell culture.

  3. Maintaining Cellular Homeostasis: Phenol red's pH-dependent color change may mask subtle shifts in pH that can be vital for monitoring cellular responses and maintaining cellular homeostasis.

The Phenol Red-Free Advantage: So, why do we choose phenol red-free culture media? It's all about ensuring the optimal growth, function, and quality of stem cells. By eliminating the potential interference and toxicity associated with phenol red, we provide a more stable and controlled environment for stem cell growth and maintenance.

Conclusion: In the quest for excellence in regenerative medicine, every detail matters. The absence of red or pink coloration in our stem cell solutions signifies our commitment to the highest standards of quality and performance. Our use of phenol red-free culture media is a deliberate choice designed to maximize the potential of the remarkable cells we work with.

At Revival Clinic, we believe in harnessing the power of stem cells while minimizing any factors that may compromise their integrity. It's just one of the many ways we ensure that our patients receive the very best in regenerative therapies.

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