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Vampire facial 

The hollywood celebrity secret to gorgeous Vampire facial is treatment that use self-extracted growth factor from platelet for skin rejuvenation. It's essentially a regenerative therapy, which uses nothing but the patient's own blood. Platelets are tiny blood cells which play a crucial part in helping the body stop bleeding - as well as repairing damaged blood vessels and cells. You could think of them as little powerhouses, which release proteins for growth when they come in contact with the body's tissue.   In Vampire facial process, a needle is used to draw blood from the client's arm. The blood is then processed in the laboratory to extracted growth factor. The stem cell and growth factor from the blood are extracted, and spattered on the client's face using tiny acupuncture-style needles to rejuvenate their face. And its a trend for celebrity as Kim Kardashian, Bar Refaeli and Ferne McCann.

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How is it beneficial?

  • It improve the appearance of wrinkles, scars and stretch marks.

  • It rejuvenate the under-eye area.

  • It tighten stubborn open pores.

  • It plump and volumize any area (e.g. cheeks) where someone might otherwise gets fillers.

Treatment steps

  • Apply the numbness cream and wait for the fully effect for about 30 minutes. 

  • Drawing blood and then extracting the magic from your blood (PRP).

  • We offer all kinds off PRP technique such as

    • PRP with microneedling ,

    • intra-dermal/ subcutaneous PRP injection ( Plasma filler )

with the same price there are no additional charge 


The over all procedure take about 50-60 minutes

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We can tailor-make the treatment that suits you the best.

We recognize the individual preferences of our clientele. Kindly specify the particular area you wish to address and your preferred method—whether PRP or PRF. Drawing from our extensive experience as pioneers of this treatment in Bangkok, we adhere to specialized guidelines to ensure optimal results.

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After care 


After-care treatment is a crucial factor for the success of the procedure. Following the treatments, the reliance is now on your body to naturally produce new cells and collagen. To ensure the optimal performance of the injected stem cells, it is essential to provide them with proper after-care.

  • Wash the face with cold water without soap before bed time and gently massage the face with tepid water and remove all serum and dried blood. No sunscreen or makeup for 12 hours following treatment.  

  • Apply a generous amount of sensitive skin moisturizer, as your own stem cells and fibroblast skin cells will collaborate with the treatment, and they perform best on moist rather than dry skin.

  • Do not go swimming for at least 5 days after treatment.

  • No exercise and avoid for 24 hours of treatment. 

  • Regular make up can apply normally the day after treatment.

  • Avoid alcohol-based toners and whitening for 10-14 days as

  • well as excessive sun exposure for 10 days.

  • The first 2 weeks after treatment should use only sensitive skin product to prevent skin irritation 

  • Use sun screen daily.

  • Pay attention to your nutrition by avoiding high-sugar foods. Ensure an adequate intake of protein and vitamin C, as they are essential building blocks for new collagen production.

  • Refrain from smoking and limit exposure to passive as long as possible.

Plasma filler / PRP injection 

Plasma filler ' a natural rejuvenate from PRP "

What is plasma filler?

Plasma filler is a treatment that injects PRP into your face or neck. PRP has been used for decades for wound and soft tissue healing by orthopedic doctors and wound care physicians.


There also a large amount of research and clinical evidence demonstrating PRP’s regenerative properties for the treatment of scars, minimizing pores, fine wrinkles, volume loss, hair loss, and skin rejuvenation.


 “Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a preparation of platelets in concentrated blood plasma with regenerative growth factors used to stimulate skin healing, collagen production, other important proteins that support the skin​

PRP and dermal filler what's the difference?

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is extracted from your own blood and injected into the skin to rejuvenate skin. Platelet-rich plasma contains growth factors that improve cellular activity and boost collagen production, effectively rejuvenating your skin. It utilizes the growth factors found in your blood, so your body won’t reject the substance.


Dermal fillers focus on “filling” the hollow parts of your face that experience volume loss. Fillers add volume to the cheeks and the sunken areas in the lower half of your face. They are not permanent; they can only last between 8-18 months. In rare cases, you might encounter blood vessel blockage causing skin death or blindness or develop lumps under your skin.


Plasma filler, how long will it last?

The results of platelet-rich plasma treatments typically last longer than dermal fillers. Depending on the number of treatment sessions, PRP spans from 12 months up to 24 months. Dermal fillers can last from 8 months to 18 months before losing its effects.

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