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Your areas of concern.

We are here to assist you. We believe that effective communication is a key element in achieving the best results for your treatment. Let us know your concerns, the areas you want to focus on, and your preferences. We will do our utmost to provide you with the finest possible outcome.

thinning hair .jpg

Hair loss

Hair loss is often a natural part of the aging process. However, there's no need to wait until the issue becomes significant. We can take a proactive approach to hair health. Starting treatment early yields better results. PRP for hair is an excellent treatment option. Think of PRP as a fertilizer that nourishes hair health. Just as a tree needs healthy soil to thrive, hair requires a supportive environment. Just as illness or rapid weight loss can lead to hair loss, improving internal health can also enhance hair health. Placenta extract offers a compelling solution for enhancing internal health and combating aging. It contains a variety of growth factors and peptides that contribute to this effect. Read More 

upper face wrinkle .jpg

Wrinkle on upper face 

Botox stands out as the optimal solution for addressing wrinkles on the upper face, with earlier treatment yielding superior results. Over time, deep wrinkles can transform into lasting collagen loss, resulting in permanent lines that cannot be corrected with botox alone. Opting for a natural look with botox is a possibility if you prefer maintaining facial expressions. For those averse to chemical treatments like botox, alternative options include fractional laser resurfacing or the vampire facial .These methods facilitate gradual new collagen production, progressively enhancing and safeguarding the upper face against deeper lines. 

Mesotherapy, including treatments like Exosome therapy or NCTF, can effectively improve fine wrinkles and prevent the formation of deep wrinkles, all without the need for the heat associated with laser treatments.

poor elasticity .jpg

Collagen loss and poor skin elasticity.

Collagen loss doesn't occur overnight; it's a result of accumulating effects from aging and various factors like stress, pollution, and UV radiation. To counteract aging, a multimodality approach is necessary to enhance new collagen production. Treatments like Vampire facial, Exosome, and NCTF meso-therapy can all help enhance skin quality.

square face 2.jpg

Square Jawline 

A well-developed masseter muscle can contribute to a square jawline, which may result in a more masculine appearance in women. Utilizing V-shape face botox treatment to reduce the jaw muscles can help create a more feminine and youthful appearance, potentially even addressing concerns related to teeth grinding.

sagging skin .jpg

Sagging skin 

As time goes by, UV damage affects our collagen, and the pull of gravity causes our skin to sag, leading to advanced sagging as we age.

Your baby face's apple cheeks move downward, creating deep smile lines, a blurred jawline, and under-eye bags. It's time for a non-surgical facelift.

Ultrasound lifting is an effective method for generating new collagen production in the deep skin layers, akin to the layers surgeons target during facelifts. Instead of cutting and sewing, we use ultrasound energy to stimulate new collagen production to lift your skin.

The Nefertiti lift, a Botox technique, relaxes the pull-down muscle group. Your skin, especially the jawline, will lift up, creating the sharp jawline look like Queen Nefertiti.

Ultrasound lifting targets the deep skin layer, while the Nefertiti lift targets the upper part of the skin. These treatments work well as solo treatments or even better when they work synergistically.


All treatment to improve collagen production share the same concept, it’s the fertilizer or stimulator for your own body to produce new collagen but again still rely on your internal health to production. You can improve your health with our anti aging treatment such as placenta extract, Iv therapy such as high dose vitamin C. This way is the real concept of beautiful from the inside out 

smile line .jpg

Smile line 

Collagen loss and fat redistribution that occur with the aging process can deepen smile lines. The primary solution for addressing this issue is filler injection. However, our clinic does not offer filler treatments, as our concept prioritizes avoiding serious complications. Instead, we provide alternative treatments for smile line concerns. Ultrasound lifting is employed to elevate the cheeks and diminish the visibility of smile lines. Additionally, the Vampire facial employs self-extracted growth factors to stimulate new collagen production and takes a proactive approach to preventing this issue.

The NCTF mesotherapy and Exosome treatment can serve as an adjunctive therapy to enhance new collagen production on your skin.

neck wrikle .jpg

Neck area decolletage

Wrinkles and skin laxity on the neck can be improved with botox injections. Skin texture issues like dullness, dryness, roughness, unevenness, and fine lines can benefit from vampire treatment. The suitability of these approaches depends on the individual's skin type and the specific nature of the problem.The NCTF mesotherapy and Exosome treatment can serve as an adjunctive therapy to enhance new collagen production in the neck area.

anti-sweat botox .jpg

Excessive sweating 

Excessive sweating can be troublesome and undermine your confidence. Anti-sweat botox offers a non-surgical solution that provides longer-lasting results

double chin .jpg

Double chin 

Needle lipolysis or mesotherapy for fat reduction work best on small areas, such as under the chin. This is why the FDA has approved these treatments for this specific indication. Ultrasound lifting is also an effective technique for targeting stubborn fat under the chin and tightening the skin in this region.

stuborn fat treatment .jpg

Stubborn body fat

Belly fat, love handles, buttocks, thighs, and upper arms can be targeted for fat reduction using electromagnetic body sculpting. This method not only reduces fat but also enhances muscle growth, leading to sustainable fat reduction. Improve your metabolism with fat burn drip and improve your muscle build enhance your muscle build-up with a pro-athlete IV drip.

dilate pore .jpg

Dilate pore, Dull rough skin texture 

If you observe a baby's skin, you'll notice that it's typically smooth, soft, and devoid of issues like dilated pores. This is because these problems tend to develop as we age and accumulate damage over time.Fractional laser resurfacing is a good tool to remove old damage skin and stimulate new collagen production. 

The NCTF mesotherapy and Exosome treatment can serve as an adjunctive therapy to enhance new collagen production in the on your skin .

around the eyes concern .jpg

Around the eyes concern 

The area around the eyes is small but intricate, capable of significantly influencing one's overall appearance. Numerous factors come into play that contribute to issues around the eyes.

Wrinkles on the lateral half of the eye area can be effectively reduced with botox treatment.

Wrinkles in the medial half of the eye area can be effectively addressed with resurfacing treatment. This procedure is best performed in a hospital setting, as a metal eye shield may be required to protect the eyeball from the laser treatment.

For addressing hollows under the eyes, the most direct treatment option is filler injection. However, please note that we do not offer filler treatments at Revival Clinic.Since filler injection have small risk of blandness and skin dead. Ultrasound lifting emerges as an alternative option, as it effectively lifts the baby face cheek, diminishing the appearance of under-eye hollows.

A safe and non-surgical method we offer to enhance the skin under the eyes is the Vampire Facial treatment, also known as PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) treatment for the face.

The NCTF mesotherapy and exosome treatment can serve as an adjunctive therapy to enhance new collagen production and skin quality around your eyes..




Melasma poses a significant challenge in dermatology, known for its stubborn nature and unreliable response to treatment. Addressing this condition often requires a multifaceted approach, considering various treatment modalities. In our melanoma treatment approach, emphasis is placed on safety and long-term considerations over immediate efficacy. We opt for sustainable methods that prioritize improving overall skin health and gradually enhancing melasma, as opposed to treatments with quick results that may lead to permanent complications, such as topical hydroquinone or steroids.

Our preferred treatment for melasma is, for example, Exosome therapy

, a safe method that lightens skin, reduces dark spots, and improves overall skin health simultaneously. The whitening drip, used for treatment and prevention on both the face and body, not only enhances beauty but also supports health as the drip itself possesses strong antioxidant properties.

In addition , our comprehensive approach includes resurfacing treatments featuring medical-grade whitening application, micro-needling with PRP (also known as vampire facial), and fractional laser resurfacing. These treatments can be tailored to address your melasma concerns at no additional charge. By incorporating medical-grade whitening into procedures like micro-needling or fractional resurfacing, we enhance medication absorption deeper into the skin without causing irritation.

exosome .jpg
Want porcelain skin like a Korean idol? Exosome therapy is the secret.

Exosome therapy is an all-in-one solution for skin improvement, addressing general skin problems and anti-aging simultaneously. Exosomes enhance skin texture, reduce pigmentation, inflammation, redness, wrinkles, and pore dilation. They also improve skin elasticity while minimizing downtime and promoting new collagen production. This is why Exosome therapy is effective as a standalone treatment or as an adjunctive option with other treatments to enhance overall results.

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