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Jaw Reduction Botox 

The masseter muscle, engaged during chewing, resides at the 'angle of the mandible' or 'angle of the jaw.' Hypertrophy of the masseter muscle results in its enlargement, contributing to a harsh, square appearance at the jaw's angle. Botox offers a safe and effective method to relax this muscle, softening the lower face and creating a more refined and aesthetically pleasing look. Additionally, it not only helps with facial reshaping but also reduces teeth grinding, which can compromise your teeth health and sleep quality at night.

Say good bye to surgery 

The traditional approach to jaw reduction involves invasive surgery, requiring bone removal and presenting potential complications. This method is not only more painful but also entails a considerably longer recovery period. In contrast, Botox jaw reduction offers a non-invasive alternative. It is a quick and virtually painless procedure, providing a more convenient and efficient solution.

Treatment steps

You can choose to apply numbing cream and wait for 30 minutes to ensure your skin is numb before the injection. There is no additional charge for the numbing cream, as the price already includes the consultation fee and everything else. If you're short on time, you can opt for ice compression. We use the smallest needle available in the market, imported from Korea, to ensure your treatment is comfortable. Before the injection, the doctor will mark the area with a pencil. The injection itself takes less than 10 minutes. Here, we don't rush your treatment; we take the time for a thorough consultation to ensure you get the results you desire the most.

Recommendation to do treatment every 4-6 months 

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After care 


  • Do not manipulate the treated area such as rubbing massaging for 3 hours following treatment. 

  • Do not lie down for 4 hours after your Botox treatment.

  • Do not perform activities involving straining, heavy lifting, or vigorous exercise for 6 hours after treatment.

  • Do not do treatment of laser machine for 2 weeks after botox treatment

  • If you have any question regarding to your activity after treatment please let us know, we are always happy to advise in any way we can.

Immediately after the injection, chew the air 10-15 times to help distribute the Botox to the target muscle. To prolong the results, it's advisable to avoid chewing hard foods like sticky rice and nuts. Botox works by weakening and reducing the size of the target muscle. If you continue to exercise that muscle, it may regain strength and size.

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Am I a good candidate ?


A good candidate for V-shape face Botox is typically a younger individual, usually under 40 years old, with firm skin along the jawline. Assessing the size of your jaw muscles by palpating the muscle at the corner of the jaw while chewing can help determine the potential results from the treatment.

It's important to note that we don't recommend this treatment for individuals over 40 with skin laxity along the jawline. This is because reducing muscle volume at the jaw corner may compromise the supportive structure of the lower face. For individuals in this age group, seeking to define the jawline, Botox lift, and/or ultrasound lifting are considered better alternatives.


Botox brand that we use


Neuronox Botox is a highly popular brand both in Europe and Asia. It stands out as the only Korean Botox brand that utilizes Botulinum Toxin type Hall A-hyper as its active ingredient. This strain is closely related to the American Botox strain, resulting in comparable effectiveness. Not only does Neuronox offer impressive performance, but it also provides excellent value for its price.Guaranteed safety and efficacy by the FDA.

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