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Our IV therapy program 

Every detail is important to us.

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Doctor on site 

While most drip places lack on-site medical supervision, we have a doctor available for consultations and to ensure the best possible care.

Imported active ingredient

We have imported the best active ingredients from around the world to ensure both safety and effectiveness.

Hospital standard 

We use hospital-standard equipment, offer a wide variety treatment , and maintain minimal prices .


Experience the ultimate anti-aging solution at the cellular level with our 2-hour IV NAD drip. This infusion supports cellular energy production and repair, promoting optimal metabolism and overall cell function

2 hours / 8,500 THB

High dose C 

Nature's Defender. This essential nutrient boosts immune resilience, supports vibrant skin, and aids in overall health. Elevate your vitality with the antioxidant prowess of vitamin C.

1 hour / 4,500 THB 

Neuropeptide therapy.

Peptide IV therapy for brain health. Elevate cognitive function, improve memory, and provide neuroprotection, leading to a sharper mind and enhanced quality of life.

1 hour / 5,000 THB 

Gut health 

Amino acid drip cocktail, promoting a harmonious balance in your gut microbiome for enhanced digestive wellness

2 hours / 4,500 THB 


Unlock the power of amino acid cocktail, fueling muscle growth, accelerating post-training recovery, and elevating your physical performance to new heights.

2 hours / 4,500 THB

Mayer's cocktails

A scientifically formulated blend of nutrients that support immune function, increase energy levels, and promote overall wellness enhancement. 

1 hour / 4,500 THB 


The power of glutathione as it shields cells against oxidative stress, enhances skin radiance, supports liver and detoxification systems, and bolsters the immune system.

1 hour / 4,500 THB 

Fat Burn 

This specialized drip not only aids in weight reduction but also promotes heart health.

1 hour /4,500 THB 

Placenta extract

Unlock the natural anti-aging benefits of Placenta Extract for overall health. Packed with rejuvenating properties, it supports cellular vitality, boosts energy levels, and contributes to a more youthful and vibrant well-being, enhancing your journey to optimal health

IM injection /10,000 THB 

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Can I mix and match the formulas ?

We offer the flexibility to use multiple formulas simultaneously based on your preferences. Inform us of your desired formulas, and if they are compatible, we can combine them in a single bottle. If certain formulas cannot be mixed, we will administer them sequentially, replacing the bottle once the first one is completed. Your safety and the effectiveness of the treatment are our top priorities.

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