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Botox treatment for excessive sweating

 Anti-sweat Botox

"Excessive sweating can be embarrassing to say the least and is a very common problem in our tropical climate.  Imagine if a simple injection could save you from facing that ever again!"


Botox is a safe and effective method for treating excessive sweating, providing longer-lasting results than topical treatments without the necessity of invasive surgical procedures.  Botox works by blocking the secretion of the chemical that activates the sweat glands.

USA FDA approved Botox for use to treat excessive underarm sweating also known as primary axillary hyperhydrosis back in 2004.  Botox for hyperhydrosis involves the injection of Botox directly into the skin where the excessive sweating occurs.


Strong body odor resulting from excessive sweating is also eradicated after the treatment as the two go hand in hand and by removing one's sweating problem the resulting body odor is also resolved.

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Treatment steps 

The treatment areas will be sterilized with a cleanser and alcohol to ensure a minimum chance of complications. A numbing cream will be applied and allowed 45 minutes to reach peak effectiveness, reducing discomfort during the treatment. Your chosen botulinum product will be injected all over the desired treatment areas.

We can also treat palms and feet with anti-sweat Botox.

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After care 

  • Avoid using a sauna for 2 weeks.

  • Avoid dirty activity or heavy exercise 24 hrs after injection 

After the treatment, one can resume normal activities right away.  Sweat will decrease 5-7 days after treatment and one will see obvious results after 2 weeks. Many of our customers see  effects than that.  Odor and skin color will improve at the same time sweat decreases as well as the quality of life. The result can last for a year after treatment, most will last for 9 months.

Best Price Guarantee

With the same medication and treatment, our sweat botox treatment is much cheaper in Bangkok than internationally. The net price of our underarm sweat botox treatment is 18,000 THB [515 USD]. This is the price for both sides no additional charge. Compared to 1,000 USD in the USA,1,000 USD in Dubai 900 USD in Singapore, and 660 USD in London.

Sweat botox is the longest lasting treatment among all non-invasive modality.

100 % of the client say ...worth it !
At Revival Clinic Bangkok. 

"I have been receiving Botox for excessive sweating of the armpit from Dr. Chontirot for about a year. It has been a truly life-changing experience for me.

Dr. Chontirot and her staff are so nice to work with and I feel my comfort is their priority.  I hardly had ANY pain and NO anxiety during my injections. I have so much more confidence and freedom as my symptoms are nearly non-existent! I would recommend Dr. Chontirot and Revival Clinic to anyone who is seeking relief from this condition."


"Revival Clinic has changed my life! Suffering from excessive sweating since childhood, I have never felt comfortable wearing tight-fitting shirts or colored clothing. Then Dr.Chon spoke with me about Botox injections in my underarms to reduce sweating. I could not have imagined the results that I got! Dr.Cho was meticulous during injections and used a variety of techniques that reduced my sensitivity during the treatment- which ended up being way less painful than I was expecting. I now feel confident to wear whatever I want! In my line of work, I do a ton of public speaking and presentations and I finally feel like I can just be myself in front of a crowd. This treatment truly is a game changer! I am so grateful to Dr.Cho and the whole team at Revival Clinic!"



"A friend referred me here and Yesterday I had a treatment at Revival Clinic. The offices were very nice and the receptionist was very caring and helpful. Dr.Chontirot is very thorough in explaining things and makes me feel very comfortable. I had sweat Botox injections. I would definitely recommend Revival Clinic."

We offer safe, effective and long treatments for sweat and odor using botox.

We use genuine botox from the official suppliers only.

Every step will be done by our specialist doctor with our best price guarantee.

Enjoy a private and relaxing environment in the middle of Bangkok.

We are proud of our 100% customer satisfaction feedback.

When can I see the result ? 

Normally within a couple of days after the hyperhydrosis treatment, people have shown remarkable results of up to an 75-85% decrease in excessive sweating in the problem area and within a week of the treatment the sweating problem is removed completely.

​ What does research say about anti-sweat Botox?

Patients who have received injections have reported a significant reduction in excessive sweat production, leading to an enhanced quality of life. They noted improvements in occupational and emotional well-being, better time management related to excessive sweating, and increased comfort in social and work settings. In placebo-controlled trials, botulinum toxin treatment demonstrated a substantial increase in patient satisfaction compared to a placebo (93% vs. 30%). Patients also express higher satisfaction levels with botulinum toxin treatment compared to nonsurgical alternatives like topical agents for hyperhidrosis.

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