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Our Rigorous Criteria for Selecting Umbilical cord tissue Stem Cell Donors

At Revival Clinic Bangkok , the selection of umbilical cord blood donors is a meticulous process aimed at ensuring the highest quality stem cells for your needs. To achieve this, we adhere to strict criteria throughout the donor selection process.

1. Age Criteria:

  • We exclusively consider mothers who are under the age of 30. Elderly mothers are not included in our donor pool.

  • Teenage pregnancies are excluded from our donor pool.

2. Pregnancy Risk Assessment:

  • High-risk pregnancies, including those involving overweight or underweight mothers or mothers with underlying medical conditions, are not considered for donation. Our stringent screening process commences before pregnancy and continues throughout pregnancy until the umbilical cord is collected.

3. Family Medical History:

  • Mothers with a direct family history of metabolic syndrome (including heart disease and diabetes), genetic diseases, or cancer are not eligible as donors.

4. Neonatal Health:

  • We accept umbilical cord donations only from full-term, healthy newborns. Umbilical cords from unhealthy neonates, premature births, or post-term labor are not included in our donor pool.

These stringent criteria are implemented to ensure that you receive the highest quality stem cells from a robust and healthy phenotype donor. Please note that specific donor details cannot be provided due to the regulations governing stem cell research, which prioritize donor privacy and confidentiality. Your trust in our commitment to delivering the best possible stem cell products is highly appreciated.

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