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Fresh is the best

In the dynamic realm of regenerative medicine, the choice between fresh and cryopreserved umbilical cord tissue has emerged as a critical consideration. Recent research, sourced from Cytotherapy (2014), illuminates the superior quality of stem cells derived from fresh umbilical cord tissue, positioning them as a promising resource for transformative medical therapies.

The Research Source: The foundation of our exploration lies in a groundbreaking study published in September 2014 by cytotherapy. This study serves as a beacon, guiding us toward a deeper understanding of the advantages associated with fresh umbilical cord tissue in the realm of stem cell therapy.

Fresh vs. Cryopreserved Cord Tissue: Unveiling the Distinction

Cell Viability and Recovery: One of the pivotal aspects examined in the study is the viability and recovery of stem cells from fresh versus cryopreserved cord tissue. The findings shed light on a remarkable difference: fresh cord tissue consistently outperforms its cryopreserved counterpart. When it comes to yielding viable and robust stem cells, fresh cord tissue takes the lead.

Growth Characteristics: The growth characteristics of stem cells play a pivotal role in their utility for regenerative applications. Here again, fresh umbilical cord tissue showcases its superiority. Stem cells derived from fresh cord tissue exhibit accelerated growth, empowering them to proliferate more efficiently.

Therapeutic Potential: Perhaps the most compelling revelation is the enhanced therapeutic potential of stem cells derived from fresh cord tissue. These cells, sourced from the natural, non-frozen state of the cord tissue, display greater functional capacity, making them an optimal choice for addressing a spectrum of medical conditions.

At Revival Clinic, we utilize fresh stem cells to achieve the highest level of stem cell performance possible. This is one of the key secrets behind our success in delivering miraculous results.

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