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Our Packages and Pricing

All of our packages are priced transparently, with no hidden costs involved.

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Revival Clinic proudly presents a specialized package aimed at enhancing your overall well-being. Designed with the remarkable capabilities of migration and repopulation potential, including self-renewal and multilineage differentiation, this offering stands as an ideal and budget-friendly option.

500,000 THB 

stem cell treatment Bangkok


This package would be described as the ”sweet spot” both medically and economically.  (MSCs) are a population of cells with huge therapeutic potential. MSCs are generally defined as multipotent cells that are capable of self-renewal and can also give rise to a number of unique, differentiated cell types that result in connective tissue, bone, and cartilage. These cells exist in many parts of the body and are capable of contributing to the repair of a variety of damaged tissues and organs. Damaged or inflamed tissues call for repair by sending out signals, some of which act as cues for MSCs and attract them to the injured tissue.​


800,000 THB 



For those who are serious about repairing a certain condition quickly. Our stemcells are collected and transfused 'fresh' into the recipient on the day of transplant. Use of cryopreserved stem cells is associated with a higher incidence of adverse events (transfusion reactions, bacterial graft contamination and collection of grafts which are not utilized). This is the reason Revival Clinic always used the best quality ”fresh” cells that have not undergone freezing at any stage. 

1,050,000 THB 

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Stem cell for face or Hair

Mesenchymal stem cells are stem cells that have the unique ability to turn into various types of cells in the body. They are universal donor cells, which can be utilized into any patient without risk and are thus perfectly suited for Cell Therapy.

For aesthetic rejuvenation treatment, Mesenchymal Stem Cells can act as the start of building blocks for skin and connective tissue, which include elastin and collagen, as well for fatty tissue and blood vessel. They can turn back your skin age give your baby face looks, help the skin become more resilient, feel smoother, and appear brighter.

100,000 THB     

Stem cell therapy for knee and other orthopedic indications.  

This new cell therapy method is highly effective and evidence-based.

The stem cell therapy for knees does not require surgery or overnight hospital stays, and patients can return to daily life following the procedure. This is also beneficial by avoiding the risk of lengthy and painful rehabilitation needed after invasive knee joint surgeries. Especially for the elderly, the longer inactive duration after surgery increases the risk of

complications in another organ system.

All procedures will be done by an orthopedic surgeon who delivers stem cells to your knee using a minimally invasive method of intra-articular injection.

150,000 THB 

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