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Improving your profile and lifting the face & neck

The Nefertiti neck lift is a new technique where by placing Botox injection along the lower jawline as well as down the side of the neck along the platysma muscle to improve the definition of the jawline, rebalance the underlying muscles and provide ‘lifting’ in the neck and jaw area. Well defined jawline with a long neck has been a sign of beauty since the time of the Egyptians. This new procedure which creates a well toned, smooth neck, and lifted jawline was named after Queen Nefertiti, whose bone structure continues to be admired in modern times.


As a nonsurgical treatment delivered by injection, this results in a diminution of facial lines and wrinkles.

A Nefertiti Lift can prevent muscles from pulling down lifting the lower face , and return a contoured appearance to your jawline. It helps improved jawline definition and improved appearance of prominent neck bands in a short treatment of time in an effective alternative. 

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