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Stomach Ache

Gut health 

The state of your gut health plays a crucial role in determining your overall well-being, as it pertains to your digestive system and gut microbiome. A healthy gut effectively processes nutrients from food, making it an essential component of good health. 

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Major component 

Our IV therapy formula contains essential nutrients such as amino acids like glycine and proline that help rebuild tissue lining the digestive tract. This function reduces the risk of food particles and bacteria entering the bloodstream, leading to inflammation. 


Additionally, glutamine, a key component of the formula, directly supports gut health by maintaining the balance of the gut microbiome, increasing tight junction protein expression, and minimizing inflammatory response in situations of gut mucosal irritation.

In addition, our IV therapy formula also contains other essential and non-essential amino acids, the building blocks of the body. Achieving a healthy balance in your gut microbiome through IV therapy can aid in digestion and boost immunity.


Our IV therapy formula is medical-grade and cost-effective, just as it is used in hospitals.

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