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Botox injections are commonly associated with treating deep wrinkles, creases, and fine lines that may occur on the upper face as we age.

The masseter muscle is one of the muscles activated during chewing. It’s located at the “angle of the mandible”, or “angle of the jaw”. Masseter muscle hypertrophy is enlargement of the masseter muscle, and can contribute to a harsh, square look at the angle of the jaw.

Botox can be used to relax this muscle, and to soften the look of the lower face in a safe and effective way.

The Advantages of Botox

There are many benefits to Botox jaw reduction, with the primary one consisting of its non-invasive nature.

Traditional jaw reduction surgery requires removal of bone and is associated with potentially significant complications.

It is also more painful and has a much longer recovery period.

Botox jaw reduction, on the other hand, is quick and virtually painless.


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