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Stem cell treatment for knee
and other Orthopedic indications

This new cell therapy method is highly effective and evidence-based.

The stem cell therapy for knees does not require surgery or overnight hospital stays, and patients can return to daily life following the procedure. This is also beneficial by avoiding the risk of lengthy and painful rehabilitation needed after invasive knee joint surgeries. Especially for the elderly, the longer inactive duration after surgery increases the risk of

complications in another organ system.


All procedures will be done by an orthopedic surgeon who delivers stem cells to your knee using a minimally invasive method of intra-articular injection.

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Stem cell treatment for knee mechanism 

Among all treatments currently available, stem cells treatment is one of the best options because it answers all goals that a patient requires:

  • Relief of painful symptoms. Of Revival Clinic Bangkok's patients, 100% said they would recommend people who have the same problem do stem cell treatment.

  • Knee destruction prevention. Slows down disease progression to avoid knee replacement therapy.

  • Repair the injured knee component structure such as tendons, cartilage, and other multiple cell components of the knee joint.

  • Stem cell injections help enhance naturally anti-inflammatory agents, such as cytokines and contain essential growth factors that help stimulate tissue growth.


Thanks to the unique properties of stem cells, they will

  • Develop into essential cartilage cells

  • Produce proteins called cytokines that slow degeneration of cartilage and reduce pain

  • Prevent the inflammation that can worsen arthritis

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Review from our real customer 

"Hey George, fyi, massive improvement in my knee.I would say better than when I was in my 20's.

I haven't been able to squat for 20 years due to football injuries, now it's like I have a completely new set ! Another good story to add to the hundreds you probably already have. "

Review from our real customer 

"I have lost over 6 kgs since getting home on 14th and my right knee is the best it's been since the operation ......and it still getting better !!


I am so happy with the result so far and want to thank you and your fabulous team for a truly forgettable experience.  "

I'm feeling great. My back has shown the most improvement so far ( which needed it the most ). For the first time in over 10 years I've been able to sleep on my stomach comfortably. My knee feels much better and aside from drinking myself stupid, my mental clarity has improved significantly with an improvement to my anxiety. 

What are the types of stem cells we use ? 

The type of stem cells that we use at Revival Clinic Bangkok are adult stem cells from the umbilical cord. The reason that we choose this source is that stem cells, like the other cell in our body, age with you. Umbilical cord stem cells come from the cells from when we are born, i.e., age 0! The younger the cell, the better the efficacy of treatment.


Umbilical cord stem cells are easy to access and require no surgery for harvesting. Umbilical cord stem cells have a specific property called Immune privilege, making them a universal donor.

How effective is stem cell therapy for the knee?

All of our customers have had knee pain reduction and improved quality of life after treatment. Canadian research shows that degeneration of the knee is vastly improved with this therapy.


We have 100% customer satisfaction, and all customers want to recommend this treatment to their acquaintances who have the same problem.

You can read more research about stem cell treatment's effectiveness via this link

Our treatment protocol

Stem cell treatment for knees or other orthopedic indications is performed by our skilled orthopedic surgeons and a professional team. They carefully administer stem cell injections directly into the joint or problematic area.

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We recommend you avoid strenuous exercise or exercise that may cause injury such as skiing to prevent any other interfering with your stem cell treatment. As stem cells have homecoming properties, we want them to focus on repairing your knee and not be distracted by new injuries.

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After care 

Since our stem cell treatment for knees is a local injection, the downtime is minimal. We recommend you rest for the first 24 hrs. Try to walk only if necessary. Strenuous exercise associated with knees such as jumping, jogging should be avoided for a month. Walking or daily life activity can usually resume 24hrs after injection.

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Things to know before deciding to treat your knee with stem cells in Bangkok

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We're here to provide you with answers and assistance.

Misleading marketing about stem cells on the internet

At Revival Clinic Bangkok, we understand that researching the information on the internet is challenging for the customer. Our market research team found an overwhelming amount of content on the web about stem cells. It is difficult for non-healthcare professionals to see the facts behind a misleading campaign.


We found places offering PRP (platelet-rich plasma from blood spinning method) with high pricing and calling it to stem cells

There is a vast difference between stem cells, which are new cells cultivated from biological laboratories and PRP extracted from patient's blood in both cost and effectiveness.

A luxury setting doesn't guarantee good quality.

According to an article about stem cell fraud in Thailand from Thailand Medical news (6), many clinics, especially the hi-end areas like Sukhumvit offer stem cell treatment in a luxury setting without having a certified doctor on site. Some places use Doctors that have graduated from outside Thailand, such as the Philippines or even just a nurse. This against Thai law. If you receive a treatment at a facility without proper credentials, there will be nobody to take responsibility for any side effects or the consequences.


As we are specialized in this business, we have heard about all the tricks and the negative consequences of an illegal setting or malpractice.

Our suggestion is to do more research about the clinic, not only believe what you see on the marketing side. Stem cells are a proper and effective treatment only in the right place and with the correct knowledge.

Do more cells mean a better result?

As with other treatments, factors that may affect efficacy are the route of injection, number of cells, and most importantly, the cell quality; because of this, we often have patients' asking about the number of cells compared with the price. More cells do not necessarily mean a better result. One thing that we know about stem cells is it has the property of self-multiplication. Good quality stem cells can multiply inside the body, while lower quality stem cells will quickly die, leaving millions of cells for our body to eradicate, which may, in turn, cause illness.

Knee pain treatment options

Generally, knee pain is the most challenging problem with knee diseases, whether from an acute knee injury or a chronic illness like osteoarthritis. People who have knee pain problems will seek treatment following their knowledge and their ability to access a specific procedure. The treatment option for knee pain can be classified according to the joint destruction process as below.

Knee destruction prevention treatment

The best way to treat any disease is prevention. As osteoarthritis of the knee is a wear and tear issue, lifestyle modification to decrease the workload for knees is essential for disease prevention or hinder disease progression. For example, reduce weight for overweight patients, exercise supportive muscles for the knee, and avoid postures that stress knee joints.

Supportive treatment for pain symptoms

The majority of the procedures for knee problems fall into this category. The root cause of pain comes from inflammation. Many factors can trigger this inflammation; for example, at one stage of osteoarthritis, the protective layer of cartilage breaks down the bone rubbing together, causing swelling and pain. In this case, most treatments only offer temporary pain relief. Furthermore, some medications have been known to cause adverse effects when used long term without proper use such as NSAID pain killers, intra-articular steroid injections that can cause kidney damage or knee-tendon fragility.

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