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Acne Treatment Program

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

The best treatment for acne comes from a multiple approach treatment. Prevent new acne coming up and get rid of the existing acne for a fast and effective treatment.

Buffet Laser

Laser acne extraction

Laser acne treatment Opens the outlet of the sebaceous glands. One can treat acne and prevent side effects from acne such as acne scar redness and black spot.

Laser treatment for inflame acne

Rejuvenate laser reduces the inflammation and sebaceous gland size , thereby reducing the acne count and preventing the formation of new acne. In study, it was found that the acne lesion count began decreasing after three sessions and continued to decrease until 12 weeks into the follow-up period. Also, the occurrence of new lesions stopped after three weeks of treatment.

Acne Treatment Buffet

Inflame acne injection

This is used to provide short-term relief of inflammation and is sometimes used to help shrink large acne cysts. Performed in the dermatologist's office, medication shots can help reduce the redness, swelling, and pain of severe inflammatory acne breakouts within a few days.

Acne extraction

procedure that can get rid of existing acne lesions and preventing flares or acne pop up in the future. Acne extraction can get rid of many kind of acne for example, closed comedone, opened comedones, black heads, white head, senile comedone, and nodulocystic acne. Medical extraction can prevent acne scar.

Free ! All medication and cosmeceutical product

Medication and cosmeceutical play an important role in acne treatment.

  • Decreases sebum production

  • Reduce inflammation

  • Eradicates P.acne bacteria

  • Comedolytic

A good cosmeceutical will soothe your skin and enhance the effects of medication helping your skin tolerate the treatment.

Sensi-care cosmeceutical is a tailor made skin care design for acne prone and sensitive skin.

Doctor recommendations

  • Try not to wear make up since it can cause irritation

  • Stop touching your face, pricking or squeezing pimple

  • Change shampoo to baby shampoo and stop using conditioner

  • Wash your pillow cover with soap bar

  • Eat heathy food try to avoid constipation

  • Supplement that help zinc, probiotic, anti-oxidant

  • Avoid strong sun light or hot weather since these will aggravate acne and acne red or dark spot

  • Avoid sugary, dairy product, fat , fast-food, hormone contaminated meat, chocolate

  • Avoid stress since stress cause hormonal imbalance

Package & Price

At Revival Clinic, safety is always our concern. All equipment is cleaned and sterilised properly for the individualised treatment plans that meet your needs.

Our complete acne care package

For one month includes a buffet of

  • Laser treatment for acne extraction

  • Laser treatment for inflamed acne

  • Inflamed acne injection

  • Acne extraction

  • Cosmeceutical product such as moisturiser, sunscreen etc.

  • Medication both oral and topical.

package price

20,000 THB per 4 times

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