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Combination treatment for stretch mark

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Platelet-rich plasma treatment for stretchmark

Platelet-rich plasma for stretch marks is based on the natural process of the healing cascade. This involves a series of regeneration and remodeling steps in the body.

When the external tissue injury occurs, the body triggers a response to increasing the production of “signal proteins” that can be used at the trauma site.

These signal proteins consist of platelets, white blood cells, and adult stem cells. The signal proteins concentrated in PRP include growth factors that will help generate the production of fresh collagen and elastin, which will reduce stretch marks from the inside out in a natural-looking way without complication.

Our unique technique

What makes our stretch mark treatment has better result is we combine two collagen stimulation method together depend on skin type.

  • Fractional laser resurfacing

  • Micro-needling for collagen stimulation

  • Platelet-rich plasma for the better healing process

  • Intense pulse light to improve skin color and redness

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