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I feel much younger and more alive.  my energy is back, mental acuity has improved.  I feel like i am taking great care of myself.  dr. chontirot stays current on medical and health issues that matter most to my health and keeps me educated.

All i can say is "wow!"


I believe good health is the greatest form of beauty.  Plastic surgery is a trend, and I choose to be beautiful naturally from the inside out by fixing the aging process at the cellular level.  


It really works!  I can feel my skin reflects the health that I have inside. 


After I started cell therapy at Revival clinic I feel more energy from within and it shines through my skin.


by Dr. Chontirot

The placenta is an organ with the role of protecting and nuturing a  baby in the mother's womb.

It does this by synthesizing and excreting "cell growth factor," a substance that controls the growth and replication of cells.  Without cell growth factor, it is not possible to produce new cells.  In just 40 weeks of pregnancy, a baby with 40 to 60 trillion cells grows from a single cell, this is all thanks to the cell growth factor produced by the placenta!

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The placenta, which plays a vital role in building the body of a person, contains almost all the nutrients necessary for life!  Of course, it contains the three major nutrients (proteins, lipids and carbohydrates) but also the physiologically active ingredients, such as vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and nucleic acids exist in abundance.

Selected placenta extracts are used in place of pharmaceutical products intended as nutritional suppliments and remedies for afflictions like liver dysfunction, menopause, etc.

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