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"Dr Chontirot is very kind and professional. 


The drips only take 30 minutes and I feel great after!! 


I highly recommend

Dr Chontirot and her vitamin drips at Revival Clinic"

     I'm a wife, a mom. and a boss.  Each role is a big challenge in my life.  Taking care of both my family and my business requires a tremendous amount of energy and focus.  My work is my passion, both the Blue Parrot Restaurant and Revolutions Cocktail Club.  I put all my energy into these to give my customers the best service possible and ensure they get the great result they deserve.

     I'm here because I enjoy good health and I am proactive at looking after my wellness.  I find that the Vitamin drip infusions make my body feel fantastic and at the same time ensure I'm getting all the vitamins and antioxidants I need to stay feeling that way.

     These IV Treatments have become a vital source of healing energy for me.  They never fail to replenish, refresh, and reinvigorate my body and mind.  I highly recommend this, especially for busy professionals looking to recharge.

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Body Treatments

Get a younger, leaner

body without all the

painful dieting and gym!

Facial Treatments

Smile lines may show a long happy life but who wants to show long!

Hair Loss Treatments

Your hair defines you in more ways than you can imagine!

Skin Treatments

Get silky smooth, firm, young skin again!



Keep yourself feeling and looking younger for as long as humanly possible!



A younger you is only an injection away!

Fractional Laser

Peel away the damage of our modern lifestyles!

Rejuventate Laser

Shed the layers of abuse your body has had to endure since childhood!

Stem Cell Therapy

Get a younger, leaner

body without all the

painful dieting and gym!


Use the power of sound to sculpt the body you have always wanted!



Immortality is only good if you can look young as well!

IV Drips

Keep yourself feeling as good as you look!

Placental Extract Therapy

The Natural Elixir for good health!