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"Dr Chontirot is very kind and professional. 


The drips only take 30 minutes and I feel great after!! 


I highly recommend

Dr Chontirot and her vitamin drips at Revival Clinic"

     I'm a wife, a mom. and a boss.  Each role is a big challenge in my life.  Taking care of both my family and my business requires a tremendous amount of energy and focus.  My work is my passion, both the Blue Parrot Restaurant and Revolutions Cocktail Club.  I put all my energy into these to give my customers the best service possible and ensure they get the great result they deserve.

     I'm here because I enjoy good health and I am proactive at looking after my wellness.  I find that the Vitamin drip infusions make my body feel fantastic and at the same time ensure I'm getting all the vitamins and antioxidants I need to stay feeling that way.

     These IV Treatments have become a vital source of healing energy for me.  They never fail to replenish, refresh, and reinvigorate my body and mind.  I highly recommend this, especially for busy professionals looking to recharge.

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