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Stem cells therapy package & price

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Stem Cell Therapy is the use of stem cells to treat or prevent a disease, condition or even aging! Aging is a rather complicated process in which the cells eventually die after becoming progressively damaged over time. However, this process of ageing can be reversed or at least impeded by fresh stem cells.

Therapeutic effect of stem cells

Cell therapy is the cell transplantation, through local or systemic delivery, by self or another person cells to restore the viability or function of defective tissues.

Medical conditions that may potentially be treated with Mesenchymal stem cells include:

  • Anti-aging , disease prevention

  • Degenerative disease such as diabetes

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Chronic disease of internal organ such as kidney , liver, lung

  • Vascular disease such as Coronary heart disease , stroke , erectile dysfunction

  • Recovery after chemotherapy for cancer

  • Hair, skin health and wound repair

Turn your health back decades!

Reverse, Repair and Turn back time

Stem Cells hold multiple characteristics which can be therapeutically beneficial for many chronic diseases and in the quest to slow aging, extends life. Some of these potentially beneficial characteristics are:

  • Immune Modulation: stem cells have the ability to modulate immune responses and control inflammation

  • Stimulatory Secretions: stem cells produce a range of various stimulatory secretions that aid in repair and regeneration

  • Re-population of Stem Cell Pools: newly introduced stem cells with young biological age can repopulate our stem cell pools

Stem cells treatment for OA knee

Stem cell treatment for knees is minimally invasive. It’s a way of decreasing inflammation, repair and slow all these types of damage from joint inflammation, and prevent or delay knee replacement surgery.

In a study, only one knee was injected. Although natural deterioration of the knee continues, at five years, the knees that are injected with stem cells are in better shape than they were before the injections.

Stem cell therapy for the knee works by

  • Developing into essential cartilage cells

  • Produces proteins called cytokines that slow degeneration of cartilage and reduce pain

  • Prevents inflammation that can worsen arthritis

Package & Price

At Revival Clinic we choose stem cells from the best lab resource as well as the top hospitals at a fraction of the price. Every laboratory process is qualified by ISO. 

All patients will receive a certification of analysis related to the specific stem cells that have been used in their treatment.

Stem cell treatment for whole body

550,000 THB

Stem cell treatment for OA knee will be done by orthopedist surgeon

145,000 THB/side

Stem cell treatment for face

At a fundamental level, Live Stem Cell Therapy assists the replacement of old cells with the reproduction of healthy new cells. The result is younger looking skin, improved complexion, and brighter skin tone.

  • Slows and reverses visible signs of aging

  • Revives skin cells, lessening fine lines and wrinkles

  • Return of natural moisture to skin

  • Return of resilience and firmness to skin

  • Visible results start from 2-4 weeks and become outstanding within 2-3 months after treatment

Stem cell treatment for face

package 145,000 THB

Stem cell treatment for face package will be included free non-surgical facelift & vampire facial

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