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Remember loving the sun when younger?

Updated: Oct 12

Repeated exposure to ultraviolet radiation (UV), mainly from the Sun but also from UV lamps, has been shown to cause an effect known as photo-aging, which is a

premature aging of the skin. The signs of photo-aging can manifest in many ways. “Melasma, freckles, actinic keratoses, wrinkle laxity and texture changes are all signs of photo-aging damage.

While wearing sunscreen every day will help prevent skin cancer — it will also prevent signs of photo-aging!

Of course, if you’re already displaying some of the effects of photo-aging, you’ll also want a treatment that is designed to reverse sun damage.

Vampire facial reversal of photo-aging

What is a vampire facial ?

The vampire facial (a.k.a. a platelet-rich plasma facial) involves taking a sample of your blood, extracting the plasma (the liquid part of your blood), and then injecting it with needles back in your face. These platelets, ordinarily responsible for wound healing and clotting kick start your body's natural healing processes to repair damaged tissue.

Platelet-rich plasma ( PRP ) injections stimulate healing “naturally” by bathing troubled cells in a concentrated mixture of platelets from your blood!

How does a Vampire facial reversal of photo-aging signs?

  • PRP increased the number of fibroblasts,

  • PRP increased blood vessels in the skin

  • PRP increased collagen density in the skin

  • PRP produced significant improvements in wrinkle and elastosis and photo-aging scoring scales.

Side effects of PRP treatment were minimal to mild and with excellent tolerability.

There has been a lot of research suggesting how PRP works on damaged skin and wrinkles. A September 2017 study in the Aesthetic surgery journal found that after an injection of PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma, see video below), doctors observed an increase of reticular dermis thickness (the lower of the two layers of the dermis (skin)). This thickening of the skin was caused by the deposition of elastic fibers (the stuff of skin elasticity) and collagen, with a fibrotic aspect (skin regeneration). The researchers concluded: “PRP injection could lead to trophic (bringing blood) alteration of the skin and the precocious (premature) aging process.”

by Dr. Chontirot Srikasedsarakul

Dr. Chontirot Srikasedsarakul is a specialist in Genomics, Dermatology and Aesthetics.  She has received qualifications from numerous educational institutions like Stanford University, U.S.A.; the University of Queensland, Australia; Chulalongkorn

University, Thailand and the American Board of

Anti-Aging Medicine.

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