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Pink lip /nipple program

Updated: Jan 18

Pink lip treatment is an all in one treatment for lip rejuvenation. It return your dark and chapped lip to a pink and hydrated state. After this treatment there will be no need to cover up your natural looking lips with lipstick.

Lip Peeling

Sun damage, the environment, heredity, and even smoking can all contribute to the formation of these lines, wrinkles and dark color on your lips. At Revival Clinic, it offers safe and effective Revival lip peel which can help minimize these lines and dark color without the need for dermal fillers or cosmetic surgery.

Revival peel is a cocktail of natural acid, which gentle to your skin but effectively smooth and brightening your lip.  Revival peel is a recommended option as a first-time chemical peel for the lips. It is gentle enough for patients with sensitive skin types.

Lip Mask

An enriching camomile extract and purified clay will detoxify your lips and make them smoother with immediate effect. This is a luxurious treatment for your lips that is perfect for rejuvenating your lip As well as boosting a unique look, the product has a nourishing effect thanks to all of It’s powerful ingredients. 

The lip mask refreshes, soothes and nourishes the lips and the area around the mouth when most in need of some tender loving care, delivering lasting moisture and anti-aging effects within just fifteen minutes, making your lips look revitalized. 

After care for pink lip treatment

  • Apply calming milk twice a day for 3 days

  • Apply lip whitening before bed times starting on day 4 after treatment

  • Apply plenty of petroleum jelly for 10 days

  • No coloured lipstick for one week

Package and Price

At Revival Clinic,

safety is always our concern.We use only imported premium-quality product for the most effective results.

The all in one pink lip treatment

  • Lip mask

  • Miracle peel for lip

  • Lip calming milky lotion

  • Lip whitening cream

One time price

per treatment is 2,500 THB

package price 10,000 THB

per 5 times package.

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