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NK cell therapy at Revival clinic Bangkok

Updated: Apr 5

First-line defense against cancer

What are Natural Killer (NK) Cells?

Natural Killer (NK) Cells are lymphocytes in the same family as T and B cells, coming from a common progenitor. However, as cells of the innate immune system, NK cells are classified as group I Innate Lymphocytes (ILCs) and respond quickly to a wide variety of pathological challenges. NK cells are best known for killing virally infected cells, and detecting and controlling early signs of cancer. As well as protecting against disease, specialized NK cells are also found in the placenta and may play an important role in pregnancy.

NK cells were first noticed for their ability to kill tumour cells without any priming or prior activation (in contrast to cytotoxic T cells, which need priming by antigen presenting cells). They are named for this ‘natural’ killing.

Nk cell therapy

The power of the immune system to treat and cure cancer has been recognized since the pioneering work of William Coley over 100 years ago. Rapid progress in understanding immune biology has fueled the invention and development of a host of new therapies that are revolutionizing cancer treatment. With advances in cell therapies, the field has turned its attention to a new cancer killing weapon within the immune system: Natural Killer cells. Natural Killer cells have a unique and critically important role in fighting pathogens. NK cells are a key component of the innate immune system and are responsible for a selective and rapid attack on tumor cells. Innate immunity provides an immediate and broad recognition of cellular stress and dysfunction, while adaptive immunity is an evolved process whereby the immune system is taught to recognize and remember very specific antigens associated with pathogens and somatic mutations. NK cells, through a sequence of subsequent immune stimulatory activity, also have the power to awaken the adaptive immune system, thereby producing a powerful, multi-factorial immune response against its target.

To increase the number of Activated NK cells for a healthy immune system.

The working principle of NK Cells (Highly Active NK Cell Therapy) is an innovation that uses only 40 cc of their own blood through the lab. By increasing the number of Activated NK Cells to 5,000 million cells within a period of 14 - 20 days (normal body will have NK Cells = 2,000 - 5,000 million cells)

NK Cells that increase the number will be selected as the strongest, the highest volume in the state is stimulated. In order to have maximum readiness for destroying foreign objects such as infected cells, viruses, bacteria or certain types of cells that are causing the disease without allergies, resistance or harm because it is your own cell.

To restore, take care of the first phase of the immune system to become stronger. Those with low NK Cell values recommend to inject 3 needles / year and those with normal NK Cell values recommend injecting NK Cell 2 times / year.

"To prevent cancer and other diseases. The important thing is to create protection for your immune system. Especially when the immune system is weakened due to cancer because cancer can destroy your natural immune system."

Wonder about your NK cell status?

Assess your effectiveness of the body's immune system NK cells activity

price 23,000 THB

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