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It's not just your face that shows your age!

Updated: Oct 12

Décolletage Rejuvenation

The décolletage is the upper part of a woman’s torso which is exposed by the neckline of her clothing. This area is comprised of her neck, shoulders, back, and chest. A woman’s age can be revealed just as quickly by a creepy décolletage as by her hands, think crinkly breasts, lines between the cleavage, and the dreaded age spots.

Ultraviolet (UV) photo-aging contributes to increased skin laxity, rhytidosis, solar lentigines, hyper-pigmentation, erythema, tactile roughness, atrophy, and telangiectasias. These changes can have a significant effect on a patient’s self-esteem and may negatively affect the quality of life.

Many things can be done to correct skin aging at the décolletage area, such as.

Combined PRP and CO2 resurfacing décolletage treatment

The treatment uses Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections combined with fractional CO2 laser to treat the décolletage. The practitioner will typically apply topical anesthetic to the cleavage area, before using a fractional CO2 laser to encourage new collagen to form.

They then inject 50-60 small intra-dermal(in the skin) deposits of PRP,(this further stimulates cell activity in the skin) into the décolletage region.

The skin may appear red for approximately seven to ten days, and peeling may occur. But the full effect of the treatment will typically take a few months to be reached as the skin repairs and regenerate, and new collagen is formed.

These effects will be seen as improvements in texture, tone and tightness of the skin in the region. Generally, a course of three procedures is advised – one to two months apart. It’s also vital that patients use SPF50 on the treated area to protect against further sun damage.


Botox is no longer for the face alone. Many cosmetic surgeons are using botox to battle cleavage wrinkles.

After a series of injections, the fine lines will disappear within about 24 hours, and this improvement will last between three and four months.

For décolletage rejuvenation, most patients will need between 10 and 20 injections of Botox in the region.


The IPL décolletage procedure is photo-rejuvenation; it’s the safest light therapy available for the décolletage or neckline. IPL treatments of the décolletage or neckline are relatively painless.

Following your procedure, there may be some darkening of the brown spots at first but they will fade within 7-10 days. Most patients require a series of three photo rejuvenation or IPL treatments spaced a month to six weeks apart.

You will see some improvement after the first treatment, but the

most significant results will be seen with at least three treatments.

by Dr. Chontirot Srikasedsarakul

Dr. Chontirot Srikasedsarakul is a specialist in Genomics, Dermatology and Aesthetics.  She has received qualifications from numerous educational institutions like Stanford University, U.S.A.; the University of Queensland, Australia; Chulalongkorn University, Thailand and the American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine.

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