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Forehead Botox " The art of injection "

Updated: Jan 18

"Face Is the Index of Mind".

But the muscle over activity and skin laxity sometimes create the changes in associated with facial expression. Aging is an unavoidable natural process, over time. The skin folds are characteristic of an aged personality, but not youthfulness. Many method are used to prevent aging especially related with facial wrinkles at rest and in action.

There are two different types of facial wrinkles


Dynamic wrinkles are created when muscle movement, for example those when you laugh smile. Forehead wrinkles are one of common dynamic wrinkle. Botulinum toxin can temporarily paralyze or relax muscle movement and is a good choice for dynamic wrinkles. It can smooth out wrinkles and restore a more bring back appearance.


Static wrinkles are created by a loss of skin collagen and elasticity , from damage caused by the sun , aging and smoking. Static line will always there even when no facial expression. Botox can soft the static wrinkles, but fillers are much more effective.

Nobody is the same

A tailored botulinum toxin injections is the best artistic way to get the best result. Facial muscle and wrinkles are strongly impacted by individual variety in anatomy and muscle activity and no single injection guideline will suit all patients.

Forehead muscle : Function

The main function of the frontalis muscle is to wrinkle the forehead and elevate the eyebrows. Since the frontalis muscle attaches to the skin around the eyebrows, as this muscle contracts, it pulls the skin around the eyebrows up, which results in the eyebrows being lifted.

Possible complication

  • Asymmetrical movement

  • Spock sign ( over activity of lateral eyebrow movement)

  • Eyebrow Ptosis ( heavy looking of upper eyelid)

Challenge case

  • Patient with think forehead muscle - risk of over correction and ptosis

  • Patient with too thin forehead skin muscle - risk of mask face and frozen look

  • Patient with pre-existence droopy eyelids - risk of eyebrow ptosis

  • Patient who need forehead muscle to lift upper eyelid up to compensate with minimal degree droopy eyelids - risk of ptosis

  • Elderly patient

Details oriented treatment is the art for the best result

Forehead botox complications are temporary, which appears with a frequency of around 1–5%. This is caused, by using improper injection areas, too much dosages. All these side effect can minimised with many technique.

- For the patient who is first time treatment with botulimun toxin, always make appoinment for the top up session. There is a golden rule about natural look Botox. If you need more dosage we can always add it up. If it too frozen look or you get too much dosage , we can't take it back .

- Use the concentrate one. Do not to dilute the toxin too much. The more diluted toxin the more chance of toxin spread to unwanted area.

- The area 2 cm above the eyebrow is untouchable area. Injected botox in this area mostly caused eyebrow ptosis. So if you have wrinkle in this area. many cases especially guy, if you remove 100% wrinkle on the upper 2 third of forehead and leave wrinkle on the lower one third will cause strange look. If you have wrinkle in the danger area ( 2 cm above the eyebrow) better do just soft correction for the upper two third on forehead. Relatively will give more smooth and natural look for the correction.

- We always use mix and match intradermal (shallow) and intramuscular ( deeper injection) technique for the best natural look.

- Always premark the injection point and respecting the symmetry

After care secrets for Botox

Do not sunbathe, use sunlamps or saunas, or massage the frontal zone at least for 48 hours. these activities stimulate a blood vessel dilatation that can spread Botox to unwanted area.

Facial exercise right after injection : Research shows, Facial exercise on the correcting muscle such as lift up your eyebrows and frown your glabella repetitively, will make Botox show their result faster. Than people who don't do facial exercise.

Forehead botox complication correction

All botox complication will disappear by itself since botox has temporary effect.

However, if a brow ptosis occurs, you can inject once again, botulinum toxin intradermal technique under the head and tail of eyes brow reduce more the forces that pull down the brow. This can lift the droopy eyelid about 1-2 mm.

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