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Here black lips treatment is available

Some of our body parts are more problematic and need more attention and one such body part is our lips. Just like our skin even our lips can suffer from pigmentation problem. But the good thing is that there is effective black lips treatment available that will surely help you feel more confident and can offer you with a much brighter smile.
So, before we dig out the most effective medical treatment for dark lips let us first know about the causes and issue of lip pigmentation.

Lip Pigmentation – The Problem

While you may believe that only the skin can be affected and not lips and all lips are alike, this is an absolutely wrong. Just like your skin, even your lips can suffer from pigmentation and dark lips problem.
Pigmentation of lips can lead to dark color of lips or discoloration. This problem might occur due to smoking, sun rays, dryness, genetics, or irritation.

Medicated Lip Balms


Discoloration of black color of lips can occur due to numerous reasons. Some of the common causes of this problem are:

  • Repetitive or regular licking of lips

  • Biting of lips leading to degradation of skin cells

  • Dryness of lips leading to chapping and dullness

  • Exposure to the sun rays

  • Smoking

  • Alcohol Intake

  • Pollution and Dust

  • Side effect of some medication or chemicals


Just like your teeth even your lips form a major part of a healthy and bright smile. So, if you are suffering from lip pigmentation or black color lip problem then there are various dark lip treatment by dermatologist available.

The dusty and tropical climate of India makes pigmentation and discoloration of lips a common problem. But with different types of medical treatment for black lips it is possible to get soft, pink lips with ease. These are the laser treatment for lips that is practiced using the advanced technology. So, know about the different types of laser treatment for lip pigmentation.

Perfectra Laser Technology

Perfectra is a incredible laser treatment for dark lips. Be it fine lines, dullness, pigmentation, broken blood vessels, redness, uneven skin tone, or skin sagging problem, perfectra is an all-in-one solution for them.

It is a non-ablative fractional laser method that focuses on a specific area in the skin and helps you combat all skin problems. It is a non-ablative method that implies it does not cause any damage to the skin. It supplies gentle laser to stimulate skin tissues. It is fractionate method that generates small thermal zones known as pixels, making your skin healthy and glowing. As a result, it enables natural collagen boost and enhanced healing of unaffected areas, in very less downtime.

It is a virtually painless technique that targets the deep layers of skin. As a result, it leads to skin healing, rejuvenation, tightening, and a gorgeous skin tone. Since, it does not affects the upper layers of skin so there is no redness, pain, side effects, or pain, offering you with instant results without any issue.

Perfectra is a mild and safe treatment, and hence, is an ideal solution for sensitive skin areas like under eyes, dark circles, and fine lines, skin sagging, and black lip treatment. It is a rejuvenating method that is ideal to treat skin conditions method with sun exposure, use of certain cosmetics, side effects from medications, and more. 

It is a safe and gentle method ideal for people of all ages and all types of skin. The results obtained depend on number of sessions and on the basis of skin concern and skin type of the patient. But usually, one can expect optimal results in 3- 5 sessions. Also, if you want a luminescent glow right before a party then you can take one session right before.

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