About Us
The Doctor


Dr. Chontirot is a renowned non-surgical aesthetic specialist with over 10 years of aesthetic medicine and cosmetic surgery experience. She received her medical degree from Chulalongkorn Medical School, and completed her internship at Phayathai, and Mission hospitals in Bangkok.


She is regarded as one of the top experts in the field of minimally invasive aesthetic surgery. She routinely travels nationally and internationally to learn new techniques and writes articles in her fields of specialty.

I am committed to every patient and devoted to every procedure. My staff and I are dedicated to delivering the best results and service to our clients. Our client’s satisfaction is a reflection of our success and this is why we strive to deliver the very best experience!

The Vision


Born from Dr. Chonirot’s visionary ideas, Revival Clinic is becoming a reference place for non-evasive surgery treatments. specialties in a holistic Its exclusive environment offers a range of various treatments : its privacy welcomes clients for exceptional aesthetic treatments, taking in charge patients for highly personalized protocols, combining medicine, laser treatments and other anti-aging procedures. Nutrition and predictive anti-ageing services are also available.

The Clinic


Indulge in the next evolution of treatment experience at Revival Clinic Bangkok. World-class expertise with local flavors, set in a tranquil environment to deliver a bespoke experience that is undeniably unique for every guest. We listen to your specific requests and concerns to provide a level of personalized service that is unmatched. From the moment you make your appointment, each step of your time with us will be tailored to you.


Friendly & professional staff

Great! Friendly and professional staff, made me feel very comfortable. Only just had my first treatment (of 8) but I had promising results even from my test patch (laser hair removal). Would recommend!

Moorea Jaimai


Absolutely Brilliant!

Absolutely brilliant! Friendly and understanding, amazing customer service. I really enjoyed my visit and treatment.

Onusa Kitcharoenchai


Always impressed

Another excellent visit for the 5th of my 6 facial rejuvenation treatments. So impressed with the clinic and the results that I've booked in for a course of treatment. Thanks Doctor Fah.

Thattima Sukjai


Body Treatments

Get a younger, leaner

body without all the

painful dieting and gym!

Facial Treatments

Smile lines may show a long happy life but who wants to show long!

Hair Loss Treatments

Your hair defines you in more ways than you can imagine!

Skin Treatments

Get silky smooth, firm, young skin again!



Keep yourself feeling and looking younger for as long as humanly possible!



A younger you is only an injection away!

Fractional Laser

Peel away the damage of our modern lifestyles!

Rejuventate Laser

Shed the layers of abuse your body has had to endure since childhood!

Stem Cell Therapy

Get a younger, leaner

body without all the

painful dieting and gym!


Use the power of sound to sculpt the body you have always wanted!



Immortality is only good if you can look young as well!

IV Drips

Keep yourself feeling as good as you look!

Placental Extract Therapy

The Natural Elixir for good health!